Boost Your Athletic Performance with Haskalife

Boost Your Athletic Performance with Haskalife

Looking for a way to boost your athletic performance?

A daily dose of Haskalife Pure Haskap Berry Powder may be just what you need to run, bike or swim farther and faster! That’s what the results of a recent study at Northumbria University [i] (U.K.) showed.

This study utilized best-in-class methodology, with randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, independent groups designed to examine the influence of Haskap berries on aerobic performance. Specifically, a total of 30 male recreational runners were recruited to take part in a series of endurance tests.


Improving athletic performance and endurance with Haskap

The results were game-changing, according to Runner’s World: “Those who had consumed haskap berries enjoyed two significant benefits [ii]. Firstly, it took them longer to tire out. And secondly, they ran faster. Over a 5km distance, those who had consumed the berries saw their overall time improve by around 20 seconds.”

The exact mechanism behind the observed effect of the berry is unknown. Researchers speculate that it might affect the body’s ability to combat exercise-induced inflammation or improve blood flow and oxygen utilization, or a combination of these factors.

The study authors’ conclusion: their data adds to the growing body of evidence that polyphenol-rich foods such as the haskap berry could enhance athletic performance and offer exercisers a food-based strategy for training and competition!

So don’t wait! Add Haskalife Pure Berry Powder and Super Juice Shots to your training regimen for optimal health and possibly some improved results!



[i] Howatson, Glyn, Gemma C. Snaith, Rachel Kimble, Gavin Cowper, and Karen M. Keane. 2022. "Improved Endurance Running Performance Following Haskap Berry (Lonicera caerulea L.) Ingestion" Nutrients 14, no. 4: 780.

[ii] Pearson, Rick. "Haskap Berries Could Improve Running Performance by 2%." Runner's World, 10 Mar. 2022.

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