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From information about our haskap berry products to details about the single ingredient that makes them so powerful, find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

ways to use Haskalife products

I’m a healthy and active individual. Can Haskalife improve my workouts?

It could! A recent UK study showed that daily consumption of haskap berries leads to improved athletic performance. Runners, for example, saw an improvement in both their endurance and speed.

How often should I take Haskalife?

Every day! Taking a Haskalife Super Juice Shot or a serving of Haskalife Powder as part of your daily routine is the best way to maximize the available health and performance benefits.

How much should I take per day of each product

It depends!

In the Runners Study, consuming 150 mg of anthocyanins daily from haskap powder improved 5KM running time and time to exhaustion by approximately 0.25km/hr or 2%. This is equivalent to about 3 teaspoons of our haskalife powder or ¾ of a bottle of Pure Haskalife Super Shot.

In the Cognitive Study, consuming 200 mg of anthocyanins from haskap improved cognitive performance. This is approximately 4 teaspoons of our haskalife powder or 1 haskalife super shot.

For general health and immune boost, approximately 50 mg of anthocyanins from haskap daily is recommended, roughly equivalent to 1 teaspoon of haskalife powder or ½ bottle of haskalife super shot.

Health Canada recommends an upper limit of anthocyanins consumption of 400 mg per day. Always consult with your nutritionist or physician before making changes to your diet.

What’s the best way to make Haskalife part of my daily routine?

There are many easy (and tasty!) ways to incorporate Haskalife into your daily meals or snacks, including

  • Mixing two teaspoons of our Haskalife Pure Haskap Berry Powder into any healthy smoothie or blended beverage
  • Powering up breakfast by adding to your yogurt, oatmeal, overnight oats, fruit bowls and granola parfaits
  • Adding to recipes for barbeque sauce, salad dressing, syrup and jams
  • Adding to your baking and desserts, such as puddings, pancakes and muffins

When in doubt, we recommend simply adding a single sachet of Haskalife to your liquid or food of choice, and enjoy!

To view our selection of delicious recipes that incorporate Haskalife Pure Haskap Berry Juice and Powder, click here.

How much haskap berry powder should I use?

We recommend adding a single sachet to your smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal or protein shake every day to get the maximum benefit.

all about Haskap Berries

What ingredients are used to make Haskalife products?

We are proud to use only a single ingredient in our products—delicious and super-healthy haskap berries!

What are haskap berries?

Also known as honeyberries, the haskap berry is an edible blue honeysuckle found in northern hemisphere countries such as Canada, Japan and Russia. 

They’re sweet, and tangy, with a little extra zing. Imagine a cross somewhere between a raspberry and a blueberry, and you have some idea of what taste awaits!

However, they’re not only tasty: Haskap berries are known for their high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which makes them a super-nutritious food source, too!

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are compounds in foods that fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals are linked to multiple illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Antioxidants can be found in many foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans—and, of course, our haskap berries!

Besides antioxidants, what are some other health benefits of haskap berries?

We’re glad you asked! There are plenty of health benefits, including:

  • Rich in vitamin C, which supports a healthy immune system
  • High in anthocyanins, which improve heart health and lower the risk of heart disease
  • Rich in fibre, which promotes digestive health and regulates blood sugar levels
  • May help lower cholesterol levels
  • Contain potassium, which supports healthy blood pressure levels
  • Contain polyphenols, which are good for digestion and brain health
  • Contain flavonoids, which may, among other benefits, have anti-inflammation and anti-cancer properties
  • Possible enhancement of cognitive function
  • Finally: They’re low in calories and high in nutrients, making them a great addition to any healthy diet

What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are natural compounds found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and more. 

Most polyphenols act as antioxidants by scavenging free radicals and neutralizing them before they can cause damage to your cells.

Additionally, research suggests that diets rich in polyphenols may offer protection against the development of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases.

What are flavonoids?

Flavonoids are compounds found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects and they protect your cells from oxidative damage that can lead to disease. They may prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

How do haskap berries compare to other superfoods (nutritionally)?

Haskap berries contain up to four times more of the flavonoid anthocyanin and up to three times more antioxidants than blackberries and blueberries

Haskap berries are also a low-sugar alternative to blueberries and raspberries, but maintain a unique, sweet and tangy flavour that can’t be compared to other berries.

where to find Haskalife

Where can I buy Haskalife?

You can purchase Haskalife products online at our website.  

Prefer shopping in-store? Haskalife products will soon be available in select Safeway Sobey’s locations. To find a full listing of our retail locations, visit our store locator here.

I want to make Haskalife a part of my daily routine, do you offer a subscription service?

Absolutely! Our Haskalife products can also be purchased through our subscription service. It’ll save you 20 percent while ensuring you never run out!

about our farm

What do you mean by "from farm to door"?

“Farm to door” means we farm and process our berries ourselves. It sounds simple, but it’s the only way we can ensure all our haskap berries are of the very highest quality, grown without pesticides or herbicides. After harvest, our processing serves to maximize the powerful nutrients of this super berry, without preservatives or additives.

Everything we do is to ensure you get the very highest quality berry, with great taste and maximum health benefits, all while supporting safe, sustainable agriculture. Haskalife is not only good for you—it’s good for the planet!

To learn more about our farm, click here.

allergies & dietary restrictions

Are Haskalife products gluten-free?

Haskalife products do not contain gluten, but they are processed in a facility that may come in contact with gluten products. We advise individuals with severe gluten allergies, celiac disease or gluten intolerance to exercise caution when consuming Haskalife products.

Are Haskalife products non-GMO?

Yes! Haskalife products are grown by farms that are Canada GAP certified, which includes being non-GMO while ensuring our non-use of pesticides, chemicals or herbicides.

Are Haskalife products organic?

Haskalife products are not certified organic, but all the ingredients are grown by farms that are Canada GAP certified. This means that there are no pesticides, chemicals or herbicides used in the growing process, and the finished products are non-GMO.

Are Haskalife products kosher?

Haskalife products are not certified kosher, but all the ingredients are grown by farms that are Canada GAP certified.  This means that there are no pesticides, chemicals or herbicides used in the growing process, and the products are non-GMO.

packaging & storage

What is the shelf life of the Haskalife Super Juice Shots?

The Haskalife juice shots should be consumed by the best before date on the package.

Do the juice shots need to be kept refrigerated?

Yes, the juice should be kept refrigerated and consumed within 7 days of opening.

Is Haskalife packaging recyclable?

Yes, Haskalife juice shot bottles are recyclable. Please check with your local recycling authorities to see where they can be recycled and what, if any, refund you might receive.

Is the haskap juice pasteurized?

Yes! We utilize high-pressure processing (HPP)—or cold pasteurization—to retain the nutritional benefits and delicious flavour profile of our products; without the need for additives or preservatives.

Can I freeze the haskap juice?

Definitely! Pour Haskalife juice into an ice cube tray and once frozen, the juice cubes can be used in your smoothie as an alternative or complement to ice.

What’s the best way to store the powder?

To retain its potency, opened Haskalife powder should be stored in an airtight container after being opened.

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