The Power of Haskap Berries

A dietary antioxidant;
rich in powerful anthocyanins

Haskap berries have one of the highest concentrations of anthocyanins in nature. Anthocyanins are food compounds that give blue, red, and purple fruits their vibrant colour.  Research is showing many potential health benefits of the haskap berry and anthocyanins. 


    Recent research indicates that consumption of haskap berries can help older adults with word recall and memory tasks. Learn more here.


    Recent studies link the anthocyanins in haskap berries with protection against heart disease. Learn more here.


    Several studies indicate that the anthocyanins in haskap berries have cancer-fighting abilities. Learn more here.


    A recent study indicated that using haskap berry extract as a test agent showed a favorable response against Type 2 diabetes and its related complications in diabetic mice. Learn more here.


    Chronic inflammation is the pathway to a variety of diseases. A number of studies have demonstrated that haskap berry anthocyanins are associated with improvements in markers of inflammation. Learn more


    A study of runners found that consumption of haskap berries was associated with longer endurance and faster runs.  Learn more here.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest health benefits of haskap berries. From reducing inflammation to improving athletic performance, our research-backed insights will help you unlock the full potential of these amazing little fruits.

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